Have you noticed how you start to slow down when summer temperatures begin to peak? You probably start looking for a little shade and a glass of ice-cold drink to get back to normal. Well, your car goes through a similar process. When the engine gets warmed up, the Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) sends a message to your engine control computer. The engine is no longer cold, so it needs different timing and mix of fuel to run smoothly.

Over time, coolant temperature sensors deteriorate and don’t provide the same level of accurate readings as well as a new one. Replacing the CTS is one of the most common vehicle repairs performed. If your car is getting weak fuel economy. Has trouble trying to start it. Or exhibits black smoke from the exhaust pipe, you may have a bad sensor. The check engine light might also indicate a faulty sensor. Corrosion within the cooling system is what causes the sensor to fail, so if you think your sensor is bad, you must take it to the car shop.

We’ll be able to determine if replacing the coolant temperature sensor is what your car needs. One of our certified mechanics will also be able to check your cooling system to make sure it doesn’t need repair. If you’re having an engine rebuilt or having an engine replaced, it’s recommended to replace the CTS as well to avoid any problems with the way the engine performs.

Replacing a CTS will make a big difference in your fuel economy, and will help you avoid costly repairs.

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