A crucial aspect of collision repair is the paint job. After all the repairs are carried out and the body is returned to its original shape, the painting completes the collision repair process, if it is done properly, that is. Whether it’s a straightforward touch-up or an almost complete repainting, it’s important that you choose a provider of collision repair which has the experience, the tools, and the right team for the job.

Painting a Car the Right Way

It’s easy to notice bad paintwork, especially after a collision repair project. Poor color matching or the “orange peel” effect can ruin the appearance of your car, especially when you own a vehicle that stands out because of its beautiful design. The mechanics and car body repair team may do a fantastic job, but if the painting is poor it will show and turn your auto collision repair process into a failure.

Paint preparation is especially important, but that’s where many shops make compromises in order to get the job done as quickly as possible. The right paint supplies have to be used, and that can entail placing custom orders and waiting for paints to arrive. The color preparation and mixing have to be done by collision repair specialists that are not just certified, but experienced in painting similar car models.

Look For a Specialized Auto Body Shop

If you drive a luxury or other high-end car, you have to make sure that the auto body shop in Houston that you choose specializes in your car brand. Most auto body shops can handle a Toyota or a Ford, but when in comes to cars manufactured by BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, or more exotic brands, the requirements are higher — the painters and mechanics working on your car need to know what they are doing. On your choice will depend not only the overall costs of the collision repair and painting service, but also the time your car will remain in service.

Car painting is ultimately a multi-step process that requires great care and attention to detail, which is why it’s preferable to work with a provider of auto collision repair in Houston that has the resources necessary to handle your project and won’t rush it in order to take care of the next car in line.

If you’re looking for an auto body shop in Houston, Royal Collision can be the right choice for you. As a specialized Lexus collision center and BMW body shop, we take the painting preparation process seriously and use only the highest quality paint supplies and paint systems. We have so much confidence in our team of expert painters that we guarantee our work for the life of your vehicle. Whether you’ve had a minor bump or a serious crash, we can restore your car to factory specifications.