Auto collision vehicle repair

Our auto collision repair work has a well renown reputation in our area. We have the most advanced technology with a lot of experience. At Royal Collision, we can handle all types of damage that can happen to your car.

It does not matter if it’s a simple scratch or bad damage from a collision, we guarantee that Royal Collision will make your car look brand-new again. With years of experience in handling all kinds of damage, we are the best at what we do.

We can repair all vehicles

We can handle all vehicle types, from heavy vehicles with unique specifications all the way to exotic collector vehicles. Rest assured that once we have completed the repair on your vehicle, that it will meet all the specifications set forth by the manufacture. We ensure not only the aesthetic aspect of the repair but more important its safety on the road.

Our technicians are continuously updating their training.  Possessing an intimate knowledge of the complexity of modern day car design, their mechanical components and functions is fundamental. Along side that, being well versed in all the different modern methods utilized in auto collision repair. We get repairs done right the first time, always!

How we repair vehicles

Our body shop counts with specialized areas to be able to affect your vehicles repair, partitioned to make the whole process as effective as possible. We asses the damage to your vehicle and then divide the work into minor or major collision repair. It the damage is major; the vehicle will get placed into a body jig. This makes the assessment of the damage a lot more comprehensive.

Our body shop also counts with all the most recent hydraulic tools that get the damaged to your vehicles parts repaired. What can’t get repaired will get replaced with OEM recommended parts. After all of the repair has taken place, we then perform the meticulous painting and refinishing process of your vehicle. You can be assured that your vehicle will not only look brand-new, but it will perform as good as, or better than before the collision incident.