Why is My Vehicle’s Paint Chipping?

The paint in your vehicle is not only intended for esthetic reasons but more importantly to protect the body from the corrosive external elements of weather and pollution. Walking around your vehicle, you notice all of the sudden small chippings in the hood. Several factors can lead to bubbling or chipping on the paint of your car. We will discuss some of the more common factors that can lead to this issue.

Accidental Forces

The most common and apparent reason would be a collision with some external object. Blut force can damage your car’s finish. So gravel in the road, someone hitting the side of your vehicle while opening their door, or even colliding with a stationary object like a poll or a column in a parking lot.

The Environment

The natural erosion of the elements, plus pollution can have a detrimental effect on the paint of your vehicle particularly if you don’t have a cart port to house your vehicle in the evenings. Car paint is formulated to withstand harsh conditions, but that does not mean that damage through continuous exposure can’t happen. UV rays, bird droppings, dirt, dust, pollen, moisture, road salt, splattered bugs and changes of temperature are only some of the things that can cause paint damage in your vehicle.

Harsh Car Soap and Cleaners

Many commercially available car soap cleaners contain chemicals to help remove crusted dirt or dead bugs from the finish of your vehicle. However, these harsh chemicals can also promote paint damage may also removing the top protective layer of paint. Exposing the more vulnerable paint underlayer, promoting paint decay.

New Paint

To be more environmentally friendly, new lead-free paints have been developed and adopted within the automotive industry. Although these paints represent a more responsible choice for the environment, they are also more susceptible the ware and collision damage and are not as robust as the older lead-based paints. Add to this the fact of a poor, unprofessional paint job, and you can leave a vehicle more susceptible to chips and paint cracks.

External Elements

Mishaps and accidents happen all the time. Also, road debris or construction work can leave behind materials like gravel that can bounce off the hood of your car. Careless drivers hitting the side of your vehicle while exiting their vehicles. Any number of things can physically damage the surface of your car.

Things you can do to protect your vehicles paint finish

There are several ways to help protect your car’s paint from cracking, notably when you live in places with drastic temperature fluctuations. These are some of the better methods to use:

Since damage to paint can occur from several factors, the strategy to protect your car’s finish also has to include several things:

  • When possible, don’t park your vehicle in direct sunlight
  • Wash your vehicle frequently using mild soaps and cleaners
  • Immediately remove bug splotches, bird droppings, leaves, and berry stains
  • Park it inside a garaged or use a car cover
  • Wax it annually with a professional detailing product
  • Only take it through “touchless” car washes

When the finish of your vehicle’s paint becomes damage, Royal Collision is here to help. We have the most advanced paint color matching system, and our paint specialists have the training and experience to bring your vehicle’s finish back to showroom quality. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.