Tips to keep your vehicles appearance

Your vehicles appearance is directly proportional to it’s value.

The competitive nature of the automobile industry has lead manufacturers to push their design and engineering to produce better and more reliable vehicles. That is why people are keeping their vehicles for longer periods time, and there is a buzzing used car market place. It is very important to stay on top of a vehicle’s routine maintenance needs. It will certainty make your vehicle safer and more reliable. But, what we often neglect is to provide as much care to the exterior and cabin. Nature will unavoidably take its toll on a vehicles appearance through time. Bird droppings, road grime and splashed bugs on the windshield or paneling in conjunction with acid rain can dramatically deteriorate a vehicle’s finish. 

Protect the paint of your vehicles appearance.

Washing your vehicles will help protect the paint of your vehicle and help prevent it form prematurely wearing. If you intend to wash your vehicle yourself, be advised to use automotive detergent. Never use dish washing soap. It is not formulated to wash car paint. It will seem to do a good job, but since designed to cut through grease it can be detrimental to the oils that form your vehicle’s paint. Also, it is recommended keep waxing the exterior regularly, to help protect the finish from the the elements.

Everybody loves the “new car smell”. It is unfortunate that this great aroma will dissipate with time. Not much can be done about that. But removing trash, food and thorough vacuuming and cleaning can help keep bad odors from impregnating your vehicles cabin. That way it will retain a fresher smell and look a lot better.

The resale value of your vehicle is directly impacted by it’s appearance. Taking the time to do this will help keep your vehicles value.

Keep the bad smell out

Some quick tips:

  • Remember to change the cabins air filter as needed to keep bad odors from old and mildew from forming inside the ventilation system.
  • The sun and elements will ultimately diminish the clarity of your headlights. It’s good to have them restored for them to not only look better but also keep there brightness and functionality intact.
  • Downloading an app that helps you keep up with the regular scheduled maintenance of your vehicle can help you keep a good record of what needs to get done.

Doing these things will not only help keep your vehicle in better shape, but it can also reduce your overall cost of ownership and bring big dividends when it’s time to trade it in.

Be sure to keep all these tips in mind when you pick up your vehicle from our body shop.  Ask us about how to condition your newly painted vehicle to keep its brand-new look longer.