With the surge in new technology and smarter smart phones, people have started using their devices a lot more while driving, which has led to quite a few accidents. From checking Facebook messaging, to Snapping photos and replying to emails, people of all ages have started using their phones while driving at times which has proved to be very dangerous. With the increase in accidents that can be prevented with easy steps such as not texting and driving, many areas such as school zones and districts have started banning the act of texting while driving. Some newer cars that allow you to talk and text via Bluetooth have taken advantage of this to allow people to continue to communicate while driving, without having to look down at their phones and get as distracted. Not to say that talking to your phone is a safe alternative, but at least it doesn’t require you to look down at your phone. With the increase in accidents, once in a while the damage done can be great, whereas at times when the drivers are lucky it’s nothing more than just a minor dent which is easily repairable. However big or small the damage may be, it can be avoided when people stop texting while driving.

There are quite a few reason as to the increase in accidents amongst teens, most of which can at times be prevented and save lives. From drinking and driving to texting and driving, there are quite a few things we can do to educate our teens and show them just how unsafe it is to drive while intoxicated or distracted.

With over a million accidents each year involving texting and driving or calling and driving, many states have started realizing that this has caused more accidents then drinking and driving. Since there are not many laws yet in many areas, people still end up sending messaging, watching videos or just surfing the web while they are behind the wheel, at times with other passengers in the car as well. After many tests as well, it was proven that texting and driving can at times be more dangerous than driving under the influence since the users eyes are not on the road for an average of 5 seconds for each time they check there phones.

Another study also showed that while teenagers text and drive they are off their line 10% of the time, which in many instances can cause deadly accidents. Due to the recklessness of a few, others at times have to suffer greatly, and many lives can be affected. In minor accidents, when people get lucky, they may escape unscathed with just a few dings and dents in the vehicles. In these situation, the important thing would be do be grateful that no one is hurt. It may be a stressful situation when your car is damage, but vehicles can always be repaired.

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