One of the most popular new year’s resolutions has always been saving money. One way to do this is at the pump. Although buying a more efficient vehicle would do the trick, or even going electric. It is not always feasible. If your car is already paid for, you are already saving money. At Royal Collision we know about fuel efficiency, so we would like to share some tips that can help you achieve this new year’s resolution.


Although we all like fast cars and some of us even get excited about how quickly one can get from 0-60mph, doing this is not good for fuel efficiency. Your vehicle will always need more energy to start moving than at any other point in time; this translates into having to use more fuel. So the more gradually your car gets up to speed, the more efficient it will be. Also, keeping your distance from the vehicle ahead of you is not only safer, but it also allows you to reduce your speed gradually and not to keep your foot in the gas when you need to stop. Doing this will be safer, more efficient and can also end up saving you money on an otherwise premature brake job.


Keeping an eye on the pressure of your tiers can have a profound impact on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Low tire pressure forces the engine to work harder, therefore using more gas. However, over-inflating your vehicles tiers can undermine their surface traction on the road. Essentially making your car less stable to drive.


If the weather permits it, turn off your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Any AC system relies on a compressor to cool the air. To accomplish this, your car’s engine will need to use more energy, therefore more gas. So rolling down your windows or opening your sunroof can keep you just as comfortable. Now bear in mind that this tip only useful when you are driving at lower speeds. When you are driving at higher speeds than 45 mph, the drag caused by the open window will result in your vehicle’s engine being forced into using more energy than merely keeping the AC on.


When it comes to a vehicle industrial design, much effort goes into streamlining its exterior aerodynamic shape. Air should flow as smoothly as possible around your vehicle to avoid air drag. The same principle that allows a person jumping off a plane with a parachute to land safely is precisely what you must avoid for having a fuel-efficient ride. Removing any exterior gear like bike racks or storage units will revert your vehicle to it’s intended original aerodynamic fuel-efficient design. Tests have shown the dramatic impact that two mountain bikes strapped to your car’s roof can have when it comes to fuel consumption. So if you don’t need the gear, it is best to remove it.


The less your vehicle needs to move, the less energy it will need to move it. Removing bags or heavy objects from your vehicle interior or storage areas will help increase its fuel efficiency. Unless you need it, remove it. This particular tip also has the added advantage of keeping your vehicle from tempting a would be car braking from happening.

Remember, saving money is not the only repercussion you will bring about by following these tips. These tips can also have an environmental impact since less fuel consumption also mean fewer exhaust emissions. So in that regard, you are not only helping your self, but you are also helping everyone else. If you are ever involved in a car accident or your vehicle is in need of repair Royal Collision Auto is here to help. Give us a call, and we will be more than happy to assist you.