In the case of an accident, if your car has suffered severe damage it will need bodywork done. You had insurance, and you searched for a bodywork repair Houston based service, found one, and sent it to their center. They did their job, and a few weeks later, you got your car back, and now it looks better than ever. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

Are You Receiving a Clean Car

Dirt hides defects, and that’s why your car should be clean inside and out when you pick it up. Make sure that it has been cleaned and vacuumed out entirely so that you can quickly inspect the areas that were fixed. Even your floor mats and the engine should be cleaned. Also, the technicians shouldn’t have left any used parts in the trunk, engine section, or interior, not even a single bolt. When they deliver a clean auto, it shows the shop more professionally. Once you’re happy with the initial eye inspection, a more precise inspection comes next.

Inspect The Repaired Area

For example, your car has some significant front-end damage. Meaning body panel replacements and painting also needed services to the suspension, frame, and engine parts. Examine the following:

  • Body panel seams for intermittent breaks.
  • It is a good idea to open and close the doors, hood, and trunk to see the fit while listening for odd rubbing sounds. Make sure they open quickly and close securely.
  • If an airbag was expanded, check that it was replaced.
  • Examine the range separating the tires and fenders and compare those from side to side.
  • Make sure that all hoses and wires are attached.
  • Turn on your headlights and inspect the beam adjustment.
  • Now it’s time to thoroughly inspect your car’s paint and finish.

Inspecting the Paint          

When technicians have the factory paint codes, one of the most challenging parts of the bodywork repair process is matching paint to the rest of your car. Actual paint fading manages that professionals have to add a little tint to get your car’s repaired with a perfect finish. Most vehicles on the road have a weathered paint texture that is sometimes hard to match. Please pick up your vehicle during the day and look at it in the bright sunlight. Do a close up first, and then step back from several places from the car to pick up any panel paint variances. Look for defects due to hairs, dirt specs, or overspray.

Also, check on this details of the bodywork

Completing these inspection steps will ensure that the collision repairs were performed accurately. Also, it’s essential to test drive your vehicle before accepting the work and look for odd noises, inadequate performance, and uncertain treatment. Check that the drive and steer are working fine. Look for unusual noise. If something doesn’t seem right, question the technician at the body shop, what could be wrong.

If you are not happy with their responses, demand to talk with the owner for an explanation and declined to sign off on the work until it’s fixed satisfactorily. Some problems may not show up until later, such as irregular tire wear from poor alignment, or fluid leaks where it is parked. Don’t forget that most reputable shops offer warranties. In the end, handling your own inspection when you pick it up is guaranteeing that the job was done right.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that the long-term appearance of your car after it leaves an auto bodywork Houston based depends in no small extent on the quality of the paint used, as well as on the skill with which it has been applied. For this reason, it’s best to use a reputed collision repair company such as Royal Collision. A premier BMW body shop and Lexus collision center in Houston, which uses only high-quality, authentic paint from the best providers and employs experienced and skilled car painters. To find out more about Royal Collision, please visit

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