This year in Texas we are getting our share of rain. The grass is green, and the landscape looks beautiful and healthy. That’s a benefit. However, we are not adjusted to drive in this kind of wet weather. The challenge is driving vehicles that are not quite well maintained which affected many of us on the road. As we are going into more dangerous driving weather this summer, there are things you should pay attention to stay safe when driving in the rain.

Some circumstances make driving in the rain riskier than on any other dry days. One factor is the streets you are driving on. We have seen some city roads flood this rainy season causing a huge problem for many people to travel on those roads. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine how flooded roadways are until you are driving through them. That’s why it’s essential to check the weather during a torrential storm so you can get severe weather warnings. The other difficulty is other drivers on the road who may be in a rush to get to where they’re going and in turn inadvertently harm other drivers on the road.

Helpful Tips

  1. Assure your car is in good condition for lousy weather. Before the next rains, bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop. Have it checked out for tire and break issues. This will save you a lot of disappointments in the storm. Brakes and tires are usually a big failure in these kinds of situations.
  2. Count with extra time while driving in the rain. City roads tend to flood fast, and multiple times you may not even realize it. Additionally, you want to slow down and take your time to decrease the chance of your tires slipping because there isn’t much traction on a wet way as it is on a dry road.
  3. Keep considerably distance with other cars on the street. While your vehicle may be fully conditioned for wet roads, the car in front of you may not be, and to protect yourself you want to keep a reasonable distance if you need to stop abruptly because of the vehicle ahead of you.
  4. Hail Storms can damage your car’s paint, check your car for dents and broken or cracked glass. Always try to avoid hail when possible. But in case of any damage be sure to bring your vehicle to our car shop to take care of paint issues.
  5. If you don’t need to drive during the rain, maybe you can go around, by programming your trips for a different time.

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