Evaluating Auto Collision

When evaluating the work involved in the repair of an auto collision incident, one of the most important aspects to think about is the condition of the frame of the vehicle. The frame is what gives a vehicle structure. In modern vehicles, the frame has been redesigned to absorb impacts that can assist in safeguarding passengers from the full force of the collision. This modern design helps ensure that drivers and passengers are safe, but it also means that after an accident, its integrity must be carefully evaluated in order to determine if it can be properly repaired. In many cases when an insurance adjuster decrees a vehicle as a total loss it is because the integrity of the frame has been compromised beyond repair.

If the frame has been determined as repairable, then it is extremely important to get the most experienced and best-equipped body shop you can find.

Frame Repair

A frame that has not been properly straightened and repaired can not only reduce a vehicle’s value, but more importantly, it can also undermine its safety, void warranties and the tires will never be able to be properly aligned. This exponentially reduces their normal useful life. We all know that tires are not cheap. Also, if the frame needs to be fixed for a second time, it can be very costly. Once again, the most important concern is your safety and that of your passengers. Any vehicle where the frame has suffered damage or is not properly aligned is unsafe to drive.

At Royal Collision we are well equipped with a state of the art setup and our staff possesses the experience to handle the most challenging frame repair jobs. When it comes to your vehicle frame integrity, get it done by the best. We will extend your vehicles usefulness, it’s safety and the life of your tires.