Keep your auto paint and body looking like new!

When your car moved off the assembly line, its paint was spotless, with a glossy finish composed of several layers of auto paint and body.

If you’ve been in an auto collision recently that required repairs when you picked it up from the auto paint and body shop. Your vehicle’s paint looked new.
Unfortunately, there are some other things that cars are exposed to on a daily basis that dull, fade and damage your pristine paint.

Wash your vehicle frequently

Some of the things that damage your car paint can be bugs and bird droppings. We recommend to wash them off right away using a bug and tar remover and a soft washcloth. Specialized car wash soap is recommended because it is specially formulated to protect the natural oils of your car’s paint. Avoid using dishwashing soap since it is made to break up grease and it can be bad for the paint of your vehicle.

Another cause of auto paint dulling and fading is if your car spends many hours a day exposed to direct sunlight. Auto body paint professionals advise you to keep your car garaged. Parked under shade, or the use of a car cover when possible to prevent sunlight-related damage.

Causes for auto paint and body damage

Some of these causes are apparent, but others might surprise you. With that in mind, here are some everyday things that can damage your car’s paint. Therefore some advice from auto paint and body shop pros on how best to protect your vehicle’s pristine finish.

Your auto paint is vulnerable to different everyday things like rocks, eggs, tar, air pollution, gasoline and human skin. To safeguard your car’s finish from dulling or fading you should wash it frequently and also wax it at least annually with a high-quality paste.

Auto paint and body shop professionals know about paint damaging factors and how to prevent them from ruining your vehicle’s finish.

Our collision repair center also offers expert painting services that help your car’s finish look like new. When you need a reliable auto paint and body care performed, contact us, we are here to help.

At Royal Collision we pride ourselves on professional Auto Paint and Body you don’t have to settle for anything less than a perfect finish every time.

Everything from auto paint and body repair. The paint preparation is done by experienced technicians. They are all held to the highest of standards to produce immaculate results consistently.

Preparation time is where most auto paint and body shops cut corners. At Royal Collision, we spend extra time to prepare your parts for the paint to assure a smooth finish and correct color matching. We then use the highest quality paint supplies and paint systems to restore your vehicle back to factory specifications.