At Royal Collision, collision repair in Houston is our specialty. Naturally, we have to deal on a regular basis with common misconceptions about auto collision repair that our customers have. Most of these revolve around the insurance company and its requirements. In this post we’d like to dispel the most common of these misconceptions, to make your collision repair experience smoother.

Multiple estimates from different providers are necessary

Wrong. One estimate is enough. Generally, however, especially when the damage to your car is more serious, it is recommended that you obtain several estimates from good providers, to find the most affordable solution.

After a collision, your insurance company must choose the auto body shop in Houston that handles the repairs

Wrong. It’s your vehicle and, although the insurance company supports the cost of the repair (or in some cases a part of it), you have the right to choose your auto body shop in Houston based on your own preferences. The only catch is that you must make sure that your chosen auto body shop works with your insurance provider. This shouldn’t be a problem if you choose an established auto body shop like ours, which works with all major car insurance companies in the Houston area.

Towing your vehicle to the auto repair shop in Houston is a must

If your vehicle is seriously damaged, or if driving it to our facility poses a risk to you and to the other drivers on the road, we would be more than happy to take care of the towing for you. We understand that arranging for your vehicle to be towed involves another expense for you and can add stress, which is why we do our best to tow the vehicles we will work on to our facility at 9206 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77063.

Insurance companies and auto body shops are big enemies

Wrong. At Royal Collision, we work closely with major insurance companies in Houston and beyond to ensure a smooth collision repair process, as this is in the advantage of all parts involved: you, the driver, our body shop, and the insurance company.

Collision repair shops in Houston are all the same, so it doesn’t matter which you choose

Wrong. Collision repair shops in Houston can differ considerably in terms of the quality and speed of their services, the experience and expertise of their mechanics, the equipment they use, the costs they charge, the transparency they offer, the value of their customer support service, and their relation with local insurance companies. At Royal Collision, we strive to be the best provider of collision repair in Houston. Don’t take our word for it — try us!