Car Maintenance

Car maintenance makes sense. It is common knowledge that keeping your car for more than ten years makes perfect sense financially. So why is it that we don’t keep our vehicles that long?

Today’s cars are well engineered. Market pressure has forced automakers to produce once again high-quality, dependable vehicles. These cars can be very reliable even when their odometers have passed the two hundred thousand mile mark. So why is it that we feel the urge to replace our cars so often? It might be true that the newer vehicles have better technology or that the latest release looks a lot better than the old one. It may also be that we start worrying about the reliability of our cars.

It is more likely that we just get tired of driving the same car. Against sound economic sense, we decide to replace a perfectly good car to be able to drive a new one.

But it does not have to be this way. Having a sound strategy in place to help keep your car looking new will be a sure way to dampen the urge to buy a new one. So what steps can we take to slow down the aging process? How can you use your car and yet keep it in mint condition? Taking into account that your car ages in varying circumstances, it is only logical that we must consider serval steps to maintain our cars.

We have compiled a list of ways to keep the appearance of your vehicle looking new.

  1. The Garage

    To start the most important tip is always to keep your vehicle inside a garage at night. There is a common misconception that your car is more susceptible to damage during the heat of the day. But in actuality, it is the night cooling moisture condensation that is the most damaging factor on your car.
    In Houston, we have high humidity levels. That combined with the pollution from all the industry and traffic form a sulfur/acidity toxic cocktail that will condense on the surface of your vehicle during the night. This combination is the primary corrosive factor that will take a toll on your cars finish. Your vehicle’s paint is designed to withstand this type of environment. But overexposing your vehicle to these conditions will ultimately damage it’s finished.

  2. Car Port or Cover

    Alternatively, the next best thing to a fully covered garage is an overhang. It will keep some of these polluting acidic substances from condensing in your car. Another alternative would be the use of a car cover, but their usefulness is only as good as how clean we maintain them since they are continuously exposed to the elements.

  3. Waxing

    Waxing your car creates a protective micro-thin layer that can substantially aid in keeping the elements from damaging your vehicles finish. Waxing your vehicle should be done every three to four months. When your car is brand new, you can do it less often, but we recommend to increase the waxing routine as your car ages. Polishing your vehicles paint every 1 ½ years will restore the clarity of the paint’s surface. It will also help to extend the life of the wax, keeping the color in top condition.

  4. Washing

    Washing your car’s exterior will keep it free of dust and contaminants. The longer dirt and dust sit on the paint, the more likely it will start to adhere to the surface permanently.

  5. Protective Film

    If you want to keep the hood and bumper in pristine condition, consider applying 3M paint protection film on those areas. Made to withstand pebbles and debris from denting your car, that even after ten years of its initial installation, it can be safely removed, leaving behind the original finish of the paint. It protects against insects and pebbles that can knick and scratch the front of your car’s surface.

  6. Window Tint

    Window tint is more valuable than merely for its aesthetic properties. Top quality window tinting film installed by a professional can help shield the interior of your car against the harmful effects of the suns UV rays. It also helps in reducing internal heat and cuts down on glare. The tint added to an excellent interior detailing routine can keep your vehicle’s cabin in excellent condition.

  7. Engine Steam Cleaning

    Engine steam cleaning benefits the engine of your car in two ways. Frist, it improves preventive maintenance inspection. Secondly, it helps in keeping your motor running cool. One more added benefit of keeping the engine of your vehicle clean is that whoever works on it will be more inclined to clean after themselves while working on it. Depending on the driving conditions, cleaning your engine should be done twice a year.

  8. Paintless dent removal

    Removal of small door dings and dents can help keep your car overall appearance. A vehicle driven every day will eventually get a ding from vehicles parked next to it. Paintless dent removal is an excellent and economical way to remove these dents. It is noninvasive, and it does not use Bondo or painting.

  9. Full Detailing

    Also worth mentioning is having your vehicle scheduled for a complete detailing every two years it not sooner. The reason is to prevent things from getting too bad. If you have it done in this fashion, you will ensure that your vehicle stays looking like new for a much longer time.

  10. Regular Maintenance

    The last tip always follows the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Keeping up with all required maintenance tasks will extend the reliability of your vehicle’s engine and help keep its performance for a much longer time.

In summary, if you adhere to these ten tips, you can guarantee that your new or reconditioned vehicle stays in great shape for much longer. You will have to spend some time, money and effort but the rewards of not having a car note will outway the cost of replacing your vehicle. Not to mention that you will have more respect for your car and you will tend to keep it in good shape.